Monday, June 13, 2011

Class Schedule,June 2011 & Pudgy News

This weekend June 18 join us for a beginners workshop. sharpen up your crimping skills and bring any designing questions you might have to this class.
BASIC BEADING WORKSHOP - BRACELET - This is our basic beginner’s stringing workshop. In this class, you will learn how to choose and attach clasps. You will learn about the different stringing materials and tools required to design with. You will leave with a finished bracelet. Materials not included. (Kits Priced from $7.00- $25.00. Saturday, June 18, 1pm-3pm.

STAMPING & FORGING - In this class you will learn how to stamp metal shapes with words and texture. We will cover cutting your own shapes from metal sheet and using heat or a patina to color your creations. We will show you how to use a dapping block to add curves to your forms. This is definitely a fun and informative class. Class Fee $45.00 Saturday June 25th,1pm-3pm.

Come learn the age-old Japanese art of Kumihimo. You will learn this interesting and versitile braiding technique by interlacing strands of cords and ribbons. You can use your creations to create a bracelet neclace or purse handle. Embellishing it with charms or beads can make it even more special. (you may not finish the project in the class but you will have enough knowledge to finish at home) Class Fee: $35.00, Sunday June 26, 1pm – 3:00pm.

PEARL KNOTTING - You will learn how to complete an elegant pearl necklace using the traditional European method of knotting between each pearl, which is an elegant way to protect the pearls or beads from rubbing each other and is a safeguard against loss if the strand breaks. You will master the use of finishing with French Bullion, which is found on most “better” pearl strands and attach the clasp. Materials not included. Class Fee: $25.00 July2, 1pm-3pm .

Bridal shows are different than "regular" shows . If you are thinking of doing a bridal show, here are some things to consider before jumping onboard. First, brides are planning in advance. Usually when they attend a Bridal show, the wedding isn't happening for at least six months. The brides are usually working on setting their budgets, themes, colors, and all the big picture stuff.

This means they probably aren't buying jewelry on the day of the show. They probably aren't even ready to think about it yet. They won't be ready to pick out jewelry until well after the dresses have been selected, and possibly not until 2-4 weeks before the wedding. So, don't expect to sell much, if anything, on the day of the show.

For your show samples have different colors and think about simple, complex, formal and casual. Also consider the mothers of the bride and groom and the flower girls, make sure you have some designs for them.

What you want to get out of a bridal show are future sales. So hand out lots of cards. Have a sign up book to get names and emails, plus wedding dates and colors if they know them, so you can send information about new pieces when they are ready to think about jewelry. Talk to the bride, her mother, her friend, her little sister - they will all likely be participating in the process and you want them to remember you.

Also don't feel shy about promoting yourself to other vendors. Find the wedding planners and bridal shops and make sure they see your work, as they are most likely the ones who will be helping the bride finalize their wardrobe details. Perhaps the cake people too, since they often are pretty well tied in to the network and are in a good position to give referrals.
If you can afford it consider a brochure to describe your services. Do you do custom work? Do you make kits for bridal parties who want to make their own jewelry, or will you do a home party to help the girls make their own? Do you have any jewelry to offer the men?

Carefully weigh the cost of doing the show to consider if it’s worth it for you. Remember this is an investment in growing your business. Good Luck!