Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April/May Class Schedule and Pudgy News

Happy Spring!! Although our spring days seem to be interrupted by some gloom and rain..Summer is just around the corner. The bead scene like everything else in our world seems to be in constant change....some good, some bad.
We haven't posted classes this year because we've been busy filling orders for our handbag and jewelry line. It's exciting getting back into the selling arena but it truely can create drama when you are trying to stretch yourself by keeping your day job (pudgy beads). Anyway forget the excuses here are some of the basic classes we are offering. Stay tuned for the next update, we will have some classes we haven't offered before.  

Think the shows are where you will find great prices? Think downtown is where you will find great selection? Think online is where you will find the deal?

Announcing a new addition to our store…”The Wall”.

‘The wall’ is where you will find gemstones, pearls and beads at unbelievable prices. Nothing on “The Wall” is over $3.00. You won’t believe the incredible selection. We bought out a gem dealer who was going out of business and decided to pass the savings on. ”The Wall” will leave your wallet intact and your bead stash in primetime. We have been working really hard on getting the gemstones and pearls ready for their debut. We still have lots more to add so come in often for our ever-changing amazing inventory.

Besides we have no parking meters and traffic…no surprises when you open the beads you ordered online. Come on, what are you waiting for? Discover the lowest bead prices and the best selection in Southern California…discover “The Wall” at Pudgy Beads.


BASIC BEADING WORKSHOP 3/Rosary Wrap You will learn everything there is to know about making and perfecting the rosary wrap. You will perfect this technique by connecting your rosary wraps into chain, making a necklace and a pair of earrings. Class materials not included. Class Fee $25.00,. Date: Saturday 4/28, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

BASIC BEADING WORKSHOP I/Bracelet This is our basic beginner’s stringing workshop.  In this class, you will learn how to choose and attach clasps. You will learn about the different stringing materials and tools required to design with. You will leave with a finished bracelet. Class Fee: $15.00, Materials not included. Date: Sunday,4/29, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

BASIC WIRE WRAP/CABOCHON  In this class you will learn basic wire wrapping skills. You will use wire to create a structural frame or saddle around a glass or stone cabochon. The frame will securely hold the piece and convert it into a pendant. This class is a must for enhancing your beading repertoire. Materials not included. Class Fee: $35.00, Dates: 5/5/ 1:00pm – 3pm

PEARL KNOTTING - You will learn how to complete an elegant pearl necklace using the traditional European method of knotting between each pearl, which is an elegant way to protect the pearls or beads from rubbing each other and is a safeguard against loss if the strand breaks. Class materials not included. Class Fee: $25.00, Date: 5/06/ 1pm – 3pm. 

Beyond Hoops - If you love working with wire and you love hoop earrings this is the perfect class. You will learn to manipulate artistic/non tarnish wire into three different styles of gorgeous hoop earrings. The tree of life earrings are truly beautiful and you can twist any beads or tiny gemstone chips into the design. Expand your earring collection by signing up for this 2 hour class. Class materials not included. Class Fee: $35.00, Date: 5/12 1pm - 3pm

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